Level 2 Non-Commission

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Tuition: $35.00

This course is required by the Texas Department of Public Safety-Regulatory Services Division to anyone wanting to work as a private security officer in the state of Texas. In accordance with Chapter 1702 of the Texas Occupations Code and RSD rules, this course must be completed, to be able to issue a “Non-Commissioned” (unarmed) security officer license.

The Level 2 course introduces the applicant to the basic philosophy of the security officer. The course will advise on the laws and regulations that must be followed, provides a solid foundation and starting point of what private security is all about. The course will cover basic instruction on licensing, regulations, procedures and report writing, among other topics. Students, upon successful completion of the class, and written exam, will receive a certificate of completion. This is the first step to become a Security Professional.

Course Includes:

  • Official State Exam
  • PowerPoint Presentation
  • Training Videos
  • Use of Training Aids
  • Professional Certificate of Completion

Course Topics:

  • DPS-RSD Regulations/Actions, Role of Security Officers
  • Police Interaction & Security Conflict Resolution
  • Detainment Vs Arrest
  • Radio Procedures, Report Writing, & Observations
  • Response to Emergencies, Applicable Penal Code Studies

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